The Interesting Stuff...

Here at NEXT Accounting we don’t just deal with the boring stuff, we also do things that can  assist you to improve your bottom line.

By working closely with you, we pride ourselves on being able to assist your business to be as profitable as possible.

Cash Flow Statements

Nearly every business has cash flow concerns at one time or another. Do you know when you will be short? These statements can help you identify future issues and generally assist you to improve your cash position.


Do you set goals for your business? Do you know what you did last year? as local accountants in Mackay we help business owners set goals for their businesses by setting targets for them to achieve at the beginning of the year. It is proven that if you have a goal you are more likely to strive to achieve it, thus making forecasting a valuable tool.


What are the key areas in your business that determine your profitability or success? If you don’t know, you should. Let our expert accountants help you identify these drivers in your business and then setup tracking mechanisms to make sure you are taking care of business.


Ever looked at a competitor and wondered how they are going? Of course you have. Benchmarking is the closest thing you will get. Our accountants can assist you took at industry averages for your business to locate areas where you can improve.


Minimising your tax is extremely important for any business. Every year we like to sit with our clients and discuss strategies around minimising there tax liabilities prior to the end of financial year. An integral part of the accounting function for your business.


Why be in business for yourself? Because if you do it well, you should have an asset that you can sell and use for your retirement. This is the key difference between being on wages and running a business. DO you know what your business is worth? Do you know how to improve that number?


Most people can’t work forever. What are you doing either within your family group or outside of it to ensure you can exit your business as profitably as possible. This is not something you should start thinking of a few years before retirement, you need to plan your exit strategy in advance.


Unfortunately, no one lives forever. Are you setup in a fashion that looks after all of your loved ones once you pass? A little bit of planning here can save your family a fortune later on.


Is your business in the right structure? Did you know that changing structure could save you thousands in tax and potentially have various other benefits as well. If you think you are paying too much tax, this could be part of the problem. Talk to one of our expert business accountants today.


Do you have different businesses run through different companies? Have you ever thought of consolidating these entities to reap huge tax benefits? It is possible with the right advice.


With the level of liability associated with having a business these days, are you doing everything you can to protect your personal and business assets? It’s amazing how many people leave themselves open to losing everything when they simply don’t have too.


Do you need someone in your business to assist you with the bigger end decisions? Do you want someone to be so integrated in your company that you can rely on them to know what is going on and where you are at all the time? Our CFO for hire service is basically like having a business accountant as a partner that doesn’t share in your profits, we work closely with you on every level of the business to get you the best results possible.


Get the right reports in a timely manner that tell you how your business is performing.


Ever wanted to know how much money you made on a particular job? We can show you how to track this which will help ensure you never under quote again.


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