CLOUD Computing

Everyone is looking at the same info, admin, owner, bookkeeper, accountant. If one person changes something, it is changed for all in real time.

No need to worry about computer crashes or USB sticks. No more updates, no more tax tables, no more patches, it is all done for you automatically.

Need help fixing something, call us and we can fix it while you watch.

Software links up with your internet banking to provide daily data into your system. Small business owners love it because it offers total control and saves them time. You don’t have to enter a bill payment, you don’t have to do a bank rec, it is all part of the simple process that has changed the way people do the books. All this with live up-to-date data.

With daily updates, you can now start using your accountant for more than tax returns. Imagine knowing how you are going, what you may need to improve and other great bits of information on the first of each month. All this can be done with the reliable and timely information that your cloud based software provides, so you can be the business owner in the know.

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