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Industry Specific Tools

We look after all types of clients in varying industries across Australia and abroad. Being based in Mackay, some of the major industries we deal with are Mining, Building & Construction (Trades), Retail & Primary Production. In each of these industries, there are key issues/drivers that determine the financial success of your business, your tax position, your cash flow or your personal position. Listed below are just a few of the questions you may have asked and not been able to take the next step.

We also have tailored packages for businesses in your industry that you can get access to, to provide you with everything you need to be in front of your competitors.


> Many of the big companies are taking a “no lose” policy with onsite legal issues. Are your company and personal assets protected as well as they should be?

> Do you know the actual cost of providing your services?

> Do you like waiting 45 days from the end of the month to get paid? Didn’t think so. What can you do to
improve your cash position?


> Business is picking up, should I put on another person?

> Do you know the true effect this has on your profitability?

> Do you know how much of your employees and your time is actually being charged out?

> Can you afford to get off the tools?


> Do you know the true cost of discounting your products?

> Are you aware of how your business compares to others in Australia and what areas you could improve on?

> What are you doing to attract new customers?

> Do you have systems in place to measure your advertising?

Primary Production

> Primary producers are subject to several allowances from the tax man. Are you making the most of
Averaging, Farm Management Deposits, and Pre-payments etc?

> Are you generating income off the farm or are all your eggs in the one basket?

> Who is next in line for your property? Do you have a succession plan?


At NEXT Accounting...we come to you!

We are a fully mobile business... that's right, we can come to you! Our staff can work from anywhere including your business premises.

By doing this, we hope to achieve better results for our clients and more timely and useful information. We want our clients to see us as often as possible.
This means more opportunities to ask questions, more opportunities to provide advice and more opportunities to make a difference and take your business to the next level.