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At NEXT Accounting, we believe that by forming strong relationships and working closely with our clients, we can help improve their lives.

We truly believe that by looking after our people and looking after our customers, everything else will take care of itself. We invest in training for our team, helping them meet their personal and career goals and treating them the way they want to be treated. By creating a happy and friendly work environment we hope that our team will grow with us and with our clients. This should lead to our clients having continuity with their affairs and two trusted advisers within NEXT Accounting they can trust and deal with.

Over the last few years, the technological strides made in the accounting space have been revolutionary. It is no longer good enough for an accountant to sit back and prepare tax returns and BAS Statements for a living. Live information, detailed results, an in-depth analysis of your business are all not only possible, they are common place.

At NEXT Accounting we are striving to stay ahead of the technology curve and ahead of the accounting industry to be able to provide to our clients the information they need, before they need it. We deal with your tax position in June, before the end of the financial year and spend the next 12 months helping you improve your profitability not bothering you with stuff that happened 6 months ago. We look forward, not back.

Boring Stuff

Not only do we provide the same services as every other accountant in Australia but we return phone calls and emails too!

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Interesting Stuff

Here at NEXT Accounting we don't just deal with the boring stuff, we also do things that can  assist you to improve your bottom line.

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Industry Specific Tools

We look after all types of clients in varying industries across Australia and abroad. Being based in Mackay some of the major industries we deal with are Mining, Building & Construction (Trades),
Retail & Primary Production.

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The NEXT Level

Where we see the future of accounting and what that means for you.

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At NEXT Accounting...we come to you!

We are a fully mobile business... that's right, we can come to you! Our staff can work from anywhere including your business premises.

By doing this, we hope to achieve better results for our clients and more timely and useful information. We want our clients to see us as often as possible.
This means more opportunities to ask questions, more opportunities to provide advice and more opportunities to make a difference and take your business to the next level.